Anna Schmid


1964 born in Bern (CH) Training as a kindergarten teacher
since 1999 Work mainly in wood
2004 – 2006 New school for design in Langenthal lives and works in the Bern region (CH)

The sculptor Anna Schmid works with impressive formal precision to create her archaic-looking sculptures with a chainsaw from the raw trunk. On closer inspection, a finely worked surface and a sensitively designed staging of the life of its own hidden in the wood become apparent. The objects are full of compact energy and liveliness, sometimes fragile, sometimes powerfully vibrating.

L.Suter, Art Association Schwarzenburg

“I see my work as collecting, connecting and concentrating perceptions in the outer and inner world and giving this condensation a form. Curiosity, joy in the material and also in the technique support me in my search for forms that go beyond an expression of the “personal”. I would like something to become visible in each of my works and an aspect to remain unnamed. My thoughts, ideas and impulses are part of the work, but offer space for question and echo of the viewer“.