Mostra di sculture a Brissago


1944 born in Bad Homburg (D)
trained as a sculptor with Alex Naef, scuola di scultura, Peccia (CH)
lived and worked in Locarno (CH)
9.1.2021 died in Locarno (CH)

Stone sculptures and paintings in mixed media

Stone was at the center of Rolf Kröger’s work. He combined it almost exclusively with metals, especially stainless steel. His largest work was an almost six-meter sculpture for the Concorde Mémorial in Paris.

He brought the crusts of the stone, the weathering, onto the canvas in the form of sand and pigments, thus creating new materialities.

Rolf Kröger exhibited in various European countries and participated in art fairs. Several of his large sculptures are exhibited on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Brissago.