Carole Kohler


1967 born in La-Chaux-de-Fonds
lives and works in Lommiswil (Switzerland)
since 1993 freelance artist

2015 won the Prix de La Sarrazine
of the Fondation FARB with 8-month art residency in Provence
2018 2nd place in the international art competition of PARLEO,
2019 2-month artist residency at the Kirsten Kjaer Museum in Denmark.

Carole Kohler creates aesthetically pleasing, energetic, multi-layered and atmospheric abstract paintings that constantly invite you to visually wander into the depths of the work. Layer by layer and with a wide variety of materials, forms and structures have been created, some of which may be reminiscent of traces of natural patina on rocks and tree bark or volcanic rock surfaces. Her abstract pictorial worlds in natural, mixed shades can develop into visible landscapes, recognisable forms during contemplation and thus open up into meditative spaces that are at rest in themselves.

Her trademark is semi-transparent layering and camouflaged elements that are not immediately recognisable. Thus, the viewer is always offered a new experience when he discovers new, half-hidden layers and the perception of the work is thus renewed and changed.

Carole Kohler has been working successfully as an artist for over 30 years. She has collectors all over the world and has exhibited not only in Switzerland and Germany, but also in the USA, Hong Kong, France. Italy, Denmark, etc. She is constantly reinventing herself and her art and is always in tune with the times, both artistically and in her choice of media.

Her early artistic roots lie in photorealistic charcoal portraits and animal paintings. A mind-expanding hike with camels through the Sahara finally led her to leave the figurative path and devote herself to abstraction.