Gábor Török


1952 born in Budapest (Hungary) Training as a gold- and silversmith Apprenticeship as a restorer,
subsequent employment at the National Museum Budapest
Sports studies (teacher training) in Budapest
1979 after the stay in Paris move to Frankfurt
1980 Beginning of the artistic activity in his own studio longer business trips to Carrara, Pietrasanta and Bellagio
2004 Move to Wiesbaden

The artist Gábor Török, born in Budapest in 1952, is fascinated by spatial issues – his active life is also characterized by the crossing of borders, be they countries, disciplines or art forms.

For decades, exhibitions at home and abroad have documented his artistic work, many of which can be found publicly and in renowned collections. In addition to the fine arts, Török is also active in the theatre. Numerous stages, theatre directors and his own plays cover this area.
He was awarded the German-Hungarian Culture Prize for his extensive cultural commitment.

As a sculptor, one of his characteristics is his mastery of the material that seems to make room for his hands. All his sculptures fascinate the viewer with their tension between movement on the one hand and geometry on the other. The focus is on the one hand on the working of natural stone and bronze, but on the other hand also on architectural concepts that reflect Török’s global way of thinking.