Carolyn Heer


1960 born in Onitsha / Nigeria
1971 Move to Switzerland
1980 School of Art and Design, Zurich Modelling lessons with Werner Jans
1988 Beginning of the topic “human figure
since 1995 lives and works in Greifensee, ZH (CH)

After an art-oriented education in the eighties, Carolyn Heer first turned to painting and in the middle of the nineties she began with her round sculptural works. The round sculptural work is characterized by a high degree of abstraction, by the abandonment of all superfluous details. The characteristics that make up a person and his actions are reduced to the most elementary. As in a photographic snapshot, the moment of a movement, a gesture is removed from the passage of time in order to make the essence of an event visible.
The subject of people still occupies her to this day.

Carolyn Heer uses clay, wax or plaster for her designs. The sculptures are then cast into bronzes using the lost wax process.

Carolyn Heer exhibits in galleries in Switzerland.